Back in the swing of things

September 22, 2009




Most of my dance classes start this week, with the exception of my Saturday intro bellydance class, which started two weeks ago. I’m thrilled to be teaching again – I really missed it over the summer. I’m teaching five classes this semester – two intro bellydance classes, dance combo, intro burlesque and continuing burlesque. This is more than I’ve ever taught before and I’m a bit nervous about keeping everyone’s names straight. 


I’m also starting Flamenco again tonight (as a student). Flamenco is by far the hardest form of dance I’ve ever been involved in. It doesn’t come naturally to me like bellydance and burlesque do. I like the challenge, even though I get frustrated sometimes.


Unfortunately, my dog ate the strap off one of my Flamenco shoes, so I’ll have to devise something until I can get to the shoemaker for repair. I’m thinking an elastic loop that goes around the arch of my foot could possibly work.


2 Responses to “Back in the swing of things”

  1. Adrienne said

    I’ve always wanted to take up belly-dancing! Ever since I seen this episode of Get Smart. But, unfortunately, I don’t have the time right now. :o( Maybe when the kids get older! Good luck with your Flamenco class!

  2. Almay said

    I’ve taken many dance classes but not Flamenco (yet). I hope to put that on my bucket list! Have fun!

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