February 24, 2010

This blog is sadly in need of a revamp. I started it because I was trying to get an etsy shop going, and all the “Etsy success!” guidelines said you should have a blog in order to generate traffic to your shop. My shop didn’t do well, and truth be told I am not all that interested in putting as much energy as is required to keep an online shop going. I love making things, but I really don’t like photographing them, thinking up descriptions, figuring out shipping costs and all that stuff. Plus the stuff I make looks a lot better in person than in pictures (at least the pictures I am capable of taking). So I am going to stick with the craft fairs around here, and focus on creating and teaching.

Anyway, now that I am no longer trying to generate sale$, I am going to approach this blog a little differently. I will probably end up focusing more on the dance end of things, since that is where most of my creative energies are right now. I am not going to blog from a marketability standpoint (not that I really know how to do that anyway) and just write about what I’m doing, and what I hope to do, and not be concerned about having a photo or catchy title for each post, or censoring myself if I feel like swearing. Here’s to new beginnings!