Shiver and Shimmy

March 4, 2010

On February 27 I danced in a show called Shiver and Shimmy. It was the first show put on by Raks Azhar, a local group. and their teacher Azura. For a first show it went extremely smoothly – no music mishaps, excellent stage manager and the MC checked beforehand to make sure she knew how to pronounce everybody’s name. I didn’t see much of it (I snuck into the audience to watch my students perform, but other than that I was backstage when I wasn’t dancing).

 For my solo I performed an Oriental routine. This is the first traditional Oriental piece that I have choreographed myself. I usually go for modern and fusion styles when I choreograph, but I wanted to challenge myself. I wish I had had a gold veil, but the blue looked ok I think. I love working with silk veils – they move and catch the light so beautifully. This piece was around 5 minutes and had a veil segment and a drum solo, with a traditional entrance and exit.

After the show my husband and I went out for a beer and some food – I ordered a baked brie. Usually I love to have pasta after a show, but the thought of gooey melted cheese was too good to pass up. The beer tasted delicious, too. I love going out for food after a performance.


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