Jingle bells, jingle hips!

December 13, 2010

Last night Aschera Rose and I hosted our annual holiday party / recital for our students. This is a more casual event than the shows we usually put on – it’s for friends and family and it gives the students a chance to show what they’ve learned in a low-pressure environment. Everyone performed fabulously! I was so proud of my only beginner student that decided to perform – she was bang on – and my continuing bellydancers rocked their cane routine. My men were a huge hit as always, and the can-can ladies did their routine the best I’ve ever seen them do it! I was stoked! Aschera Rose’s groups were great too, and the solos were fantastic. And…

I received an early Christmas gift from my two hula hoop students – their class finished several weeks ago and they had told me in no uncertain terms that they would attend the party, but they were NOT performing the routine. That was fine – I don’t like to pressure students to perform – but I was secretly disappointed because they had learned it SO well. Well – last night, to my surprise and delight, they showed up toting their hula hoops, ready to perform! I was so happy, and they did so well. A dance instructor couldn’t ask for a better gift!


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