Getting healthy

January 26, 2011

Well, classes are back in full swing now. The burlesque crew is hard at work preparing for our Valentine show on February 5th, and my Level 3 bellydancers are readying themselves for a February 26th performance. The beginners are making great progress, as are the hula hoopers, and the Take It All Off boot camp that Beve and I are co-teaching is one heck of a workout – it sure kicked my butt last week!

Speaking of butt-kicking, I’m on a healthy eating and exercise plan after the excesses of December. I have a couple of pounds to lose and need to tighten and tone generally. I do spend quite a bit of time exercising because of my teaching schedule, but my body gets used to that quickly and I don’t tend to get a great workout from it (except from the exercise based classes like Take It All Off and Bellydance Strength & Technique). I’m taking an extra Flamenco class this semester and a climbing class on Sundays (hello, upper body. I haven’t paid as much attention to you as I should have!), and am doing some extra strength training work at home. I’d like to start running again after awhile, but I like to get into the swing of classes again before tackling too many new things.


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