Anna Scott (Anja) is a Regina, Saskatchewan-based dancer. She started bellydancing with Aschera Rose in 1998 and hasn’t stopped since! As a performer, she specializes in modern fusion, cabaret, Egyptian pop and classic Oriental. She performs regularly as a soloist and with the Zarifah Bellydance Troupe, of which she is a founding member. Anna is also a board members of the Regina Association of Middle Eastern Dance. She also studies Flamenco, hula hooping, poi and Polynesian Dance.

Anna also performs burlesque under the stage name Violet Von Shimmy. Her choreography is influenced by classic Broadway and cabaret routines, and her technique is enhanced by her strong bellydance background. Along with Lady Belle Bottom, she is the artistic co-director of the Bottoms Up Burlesque Club.

Anna has been instructing students in the art of bellydance and burlesque since 2007. Her classes focus on learning in a comfortable environment, technique improvement through body awareness, and a sense of fun and community. She is a firm believer in life-long learning and takes every opportunity to bring new material back to her students.

When she’s not in the dance studio, Anna can be found engaging in her other passions – felting, knitting, cooking and gardening!


5 Responses to “BIO”

  1. Joy said

    Hi Anna,
    I’m in the Saturday morning beginner class. I love all the songs you play, even for the practice times. I was wondering if you would please post a complete list of songs you use so that I may download them from iTunes? Thanks!

  2. michelle denniss said

    Hello im looking to try out belly dancing my friends ben and lindsey refered me to you. How can I contact you for more information? Thanks, Michelle

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