Got a question about Anja’s classes? Check here first!

Can men join your classes?

Absolutely! My bellydance, Zumba and fitness classes welcome both women and men. Burlesque classes are women-only, and Boylesque classes (when offered) are men-only.

Can I still dance even though I’m old/fat/short/bald/etc?

YES! You don’t need to be a certain age, weight or body shape to participate fully in the beautiful art forms of bellydance and burlesque, or to enjoy the health benefits and fun of my Zumba classes. These classes are all about celebrating YOUR body, being comfortable in your own skin, and developing your own personal style.

Do I have to perform?

Although my dance classes provide students with opportunities for performance (and performing is a blast!), I don’t pressure anyone to perform if they don’t feel comfortable with it. It’s fine just to take the classes and never set foot onstage. Zumba and Fitness classes don’t have a performance component.

Do I need special shoes or clothes?

In bellydance and burlesque, most people start out with bare feet – if you have knee or ankle problems that require more support, you can wear running shoes. When you have been attending classes for awhile, you may wish to purchase a pair of dance shoes – I prefer jazz runners for bellydance classes and character shoes for burlesque – but I don’t recommend buying any footwear until you decide you want to stick with it for awhile. For Zumba and fitness classes you will need a good, supportive pair of athletic shoes. As for clothing, for all classes, wear something that you are comfortable in and allows you to move freely.


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