All songs are available on iTunes unless otherwise noted.

Class routine music

Beginner bellydance (Saturdays): El Salam by Hakim from the soundtrack to Vanity Fair.

Level 2 bellydance (Saturdays): Keyf by Mezdeke from the album Mezdeke 5.

Bellydance for Seniors (Tuesdays): Rumba for Veil Work by Eddie “The Sheik” Kochak from the album Strictly Belly Dancing Vol. 3

Bellydance Level 3 (Saturdays): Saidi Party by the Gizira Band from the album Ya Halawa

The Pharaoh’s Dancer’s Drum Solo by Issam Houshan from the album Wassan Pharaoun

Beginner Burlesque (Wednesdays): Hanky Panky by Madonna from the album I’m Breathless

Continuing Burlesque (Wednesdays): Sexy Ways by Ronnie Hawkins from the album Essential Rockabilly Masters

La Bamba by Trini Lopez from the album Choice Pop Cuts

Can Can by Bad Manners from the album Bad Manners

Boylesque (Thursdays): I Gotta Have It by Jace Everett from the album Jace Everett

Down In Mexico by The Coasters from the album Grindhouse

Music for warm-ups

These songs have a good beat for getting your body moving! Always warm up before exercising at home.


“Delikanli Caglarim” – Tarkan

“Dilli Duduk” – Tarkan

“El Wala Wala” – Hakim

“Nari Narien” – Hisham Abbas (not available on iTunes, but may be found via Google)

“Suerte” – Shakira

“Vay Anam Vay” – Tarkan

“Walk Like An Egyptian” – Anthony B

“Diki Diki” – Ishtar

“Rock The Casbah” Rachid Taha


“Just Dance” – Lady Gaga

“Can Can” – DJ Europe

“Hot Hot Hot” – Danza Latina

“Voulez Vous” – ABBA

“Magic Dance” – David Bowie

Music for Practice

These songs have good, clear beats and a good tempo for practice and drilling moves.


“Fast Hips” – Paul Dinletir

“Gamaal Oyounik” – Hossam Ramzy

“Today My Love” – Paul Dinletir

“Ayoob” – Gypsy Caravan

“Ah Ya Albi” – Hakim

“Tamini Aleek” – Hakim


“The Stripper” – David Rose

“The Nervous Beat” – Creed Taylor Orchestra

“Bumps and Grinds” – Sonny Lester Orchestra

“Leading Me On” – Colin James

“Cry Baby” – Madonna

Music for Cool Downs

These songs are relaxing and great for stretching. Remember to warm up thoroughly before any stretch, and take a few minutes to stretch after your practice sessions.


“Isis Chiftitelli” – Desert Wind

“Marco Polo” – Loreena McKennit

“Never Ending Road” – Loreena McKennit

“Sallasana” – John Bilezekjian

“Recuerdos de la Alhambra” – Liona Boyd

“Darshan” – Djinn


“Non, je ne regrette rien” – Edith Piaf

“Je ne veux pas travailler” – Edith Piaf

“The Tide Is High” – Blondie

“Il Favoloso Mondo Di Amelie” – Philip Rouger et son ensemble

“Green Eyes” – Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra


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  1. Laura Stradeski said

    Hi, I took your belly dance class a couple years ago and loved it, I also booked you for a burlesque stagette dance class in 2010. I was hoping to book you for a stagette again on Saturday June 16, 2012. Please e-mail me if this is something you are interested in.

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